Good Friday and Earth Day Coincide

I feel sure that this must be the very firstr time that Earth Day and Good Friday have coincided. Earth Day is only forty-one years old and this is a very late Easter.

For me however, there has always been a link between my Catholic Faith and Earth Day. On either the second or the very first Earth Day I served as an altar server for a priest blessing the Vermilion Bayou where it flows through my hometown of Abbeville.

I had a very minor role as the youngest of the altar servers in a brief ritual and my main duty was to hold a cruet of water. However, today is different because it is Good Friday. My fanily and I prayed a Penitential rosary as is our Good Fruday custom an I chose to reflect a great deal on our sins against the Earth. This is going to be a short note but Jesus had a lot of important value to place on the Earth and creation’s blessings. That is a side of Christian truth often overlooked.

One response to “Good Friday and Earth Day Coincide

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