Saturday Round Up

1. Today I await the arrival of my infanticipating sister Sarah Summers Granger, her husband Kevin Joseph Granger and my nieces and nephew Alyse Elizabeth Spiehler, Anika Claire Spiehler and Soren Alexander Spiehler. They are coming in for part of the weekend from New Orleans.

2. Today is Shoot for a Mission, a skeet-shooting fundraiser for Family Missions Company.

3. Yesterday I killed what I believe was a Texas Rat Snake but at the time could have been anything snakey in the room where I am typing this post and where I usually watch television. I had to use a long handled hammer.

4. Tomorrow is a big family holiday: a nephew being baptized, a nephew turning three, a sister-in-law having a birthday, family gathering.

5. The city or town of Rayne, Louisiana is eeking federal disaster relief for damage caused by a tornado recently and are struggling to be qualified.

6.I have added some new terms to the glossary on this blog.

7.I am sort of plodding along on some web projects that are not apparent yet. I hope that they soon will be.

8. Tomorrow is Palm Sunday.

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