Repairs, Improvements and Networking

I am in a situation where I have been working through technical difficulties on this blog. I have been consolidating the good aspects and repairing some of the weaknesses of my Facebook account. I am also putting together a Squidoo lens that will be a major addition to my web presence and activity. All of those things and other factors have combined to weaken this blog for some time.

However, this is not the entirety of what is going on as regards this blog. This is a blog in which quite a few projects are in progress which are not showing up to their full advantage as of yet. I am making small changes on pages and am also working on several posts at once. All of this will hopefully bring about some good results eventually. I think that this “eventually” will actually be pretty soon.

So if you come here often I urge you to look through some of the many materials you have not read or viewed and then check back and you will see the new posts running well — I hope.

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