Web Weather

This is my note from Facebook today:

Some significant group of those of you who have access to my notes have read something about or otherwise discussed Chaos Theory. It is a discipline once also known as Turbulence Theory which has several roots– Strange Attractors and Strange Attractor Description in Algebraic mathematics, Fractals and fractalism in geometric mathematics, fluid dynamics in physics, and large squence simulation in computer science. Somhow when looked at the right way these all flow into and become the same thing in Chaos Theory. I find Chaos theory fascinating.

One of the first projects pioneered in chaos theory was something called “toy weather”. A man set up a relatively simple computer program that in a chaotic way produced patterns that resembled many of the complex and unrelated weather phenomena on earth. Some would argue that all the sophisiticated weather predicting software used today descends from that simple “toy weather” program. Well, whatever the case may be there my web experience is certainly chaotic in this modern sense and has strange and difficult to compare patterns.

That I know of off-hand I have a web presence in Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in. WordPress, Blue Mountain Arts, Yahoo, Google and YouTube. It is always predictable that activity on some of those sites is almost minimal. SOme others seem to be mostly about e-mail for me. However, although I generate much of the content and activity it is not so easy to predict which of the major outlets will heat up or slow down at any given time . Right now there seems to be a lot of activity on my profile on Facebook. I just think of it as web weather, really not so much trying to figure out why as trying to make sure I am properly dressed (metaphorically).

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