A Pleasant Sunday

oday I woke early and got caught up in matters on the other side of the world where people I was communicating with had no reson to hurry off line and get back to sleep but otherwise it was an enjoyable day. I watched CBS Sunday Morning in its entirety because I did not have to leave for my usual 9:30 mass. I went to the 10:30 Mass at St. Therese Church with my mother and brother Simon. Then I had a late brunch at Tampico’s in Lafayette with my sister Mary and her family, my brother John Paul and his family, my mother, my brother Simon and my brother John Paul’s wife Jill’s family.

Then the crowd dispersed and my mother and I went to hear the Boston Brass and the Acadiana SYmphony Orchestra perform at Lafayette High School. I had complimentary tickets for the performance for two. We then completed some errands and got home in time to watch the finale of The Kennedys on Reelz Channel. I thought that I had about as pleasant a day of this type as one can easily have. I was in some pain but not too bad…

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