Posts in the Pipeline on this Blog

There are some posts in the pipeline on this blog which those who read regularly can be waitng for relatively soon:
1. There will be a post on the Libyan Conflict. Probably there will be several but it will take a while as there are so many things tro say and this blog already has had material about Libya.
2.There will be another part on my series People to Watch in the Second Post-911 Decade. The rankings of the Ten Most Watchable.
3. There will be a post announcing a new page on the blog.
4. There will be reflection on the exact American Politcal Situation RIGHT NOW!

5. There will be a discussion of my varied projects on the web.

6. There will be a few words on the British Royal Wedding.

All of these plans come with a ” God willing and if my strength endures” sort of proviso. Nonetheless, these are some of the things I hope to have here in th next few weeks or months.

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