The Time of Revelation

Today, March 29,2011 is a time of revelation. Of course every other day is also a time of revelation. However, this is a special time. Of course all times are special. Nonetheless, today is a special time of revelation.

We all have times for revealing something about ourselves. In love that matters quite a bit and sometime the times which two lovers require for various kinds of revelation cannot be reconciled. In business, there is a timing for revelations of various kinds that is essential. This is particularly true  under the contract theory and law which governs a great deal of business. In that system there is Offer and Acceptance. This sequence creates a contract.  A counteroffer creates a voiding of the original offer in most cases and a new offer is made which can then be accepted or rejected by the one who made the firsts offer.  So if one wants legal support for a contract the time of revelation for each part of what one must get is very important.    

Today Britney Spears had an airing special free concert in San Francisco which city government proclaimed it to be Britney Spears Day and she had a special appearance on Good Morning America. She used all this hype to reveal to her many fans that she will begin touring with Enrique Iglesias in June. Ms. Spears has long ago revealed herself a quite skilled in the pace and time of revelation.

I recently revealed some truths about myself to and some associated facts to someone and it has not been in the time I would have chosen as ideal but I seldom have things work out in the ideal way for the kinds of secrets I carry around. Nonetheless, sometimes there is a benefit in the honesty that a relationship has earned even if the  revelations do not lead to any real and measurable progress. I also feel that somehow I have revealed to myself that I have been slowly dehydrating myself. Something recently “snapped” and I was aware that I simply have not been drinking nearly enough water for my needs.

My mother’s second volume of her memoirs will also be a revelation to some who thinkey know our family when they get to read it. 

I read my mother’s second volume of her memoirs Our Family’s Book of Acts: To Love and Serve the Lord (Summerise Media Publication, ISBN 978-0-615-45595-2-5195) which is a sequel to Go! You are Sent.  Of course I lived many of the events, knew many of the characters, edited one of the early exploratory drafts which has then been edited twice at least before the final putting together of the galleys — so far me it not so revealing. Thismay not be much of a revelation to many people I relate to often because this is the Asian edition put together by Noah’s Ark Creations in Singapore and there is no large American or European distribution going forward. I am not sure when this will be available from an American publisher but some people are reading it. I find people already have lots of opinions about me and my family in many circles so I am usually happier when they have more facts rather than fewer on which to base those opinions.  This second volume of my mother’s memoirs do provide many facts in some kind of context.  I do not complain about the book, mostly I am happy to have it out there. It is a well-written and compelling story presented nicely in  an attractive volume. I think it deals with many issues, topics and persons of real interest and importance. I would not expect it to be such a fast readas it was for me (in the few hours it took) for most people — indeed I plan to read it again when I get the chance. However, it really has a nice flow. Discussing life as a Missionary, being a wife and mother, an intense productive and troubled marriage, the Catholic Church, social stresses around the world and the people who make up her family is a challenge for the book of this length. It does not disappoint the reader and does not waste the reader’s time in pointless  searches thought things the reader does not have the time to really grasp or understand.  It is in my opinion a good book and well worth the cost in money and time.  I doubt it will greatly increase the pain and misery index in my life which has never been a very happy one.

This is also a time of year when many students are waiting for the revelation of their class standings and grades. It is a time when lots of us have just had it revealed to us that our NCAA Men’s Basketball brackets are shot completely to hell. It is a time many Christians observe Lent seeking a little revelation of the Christian mysteries and ideal in their own hearts and lives.  I think that my Lent could be going a lot worse and lot better. However, I will comment that it has edified me to have Jay Leno make several quite respectful Lent jokes in recent days. I think I have heard some similar comments from others but Leno has stood out from the crowd in this regard.  I want to see the way what is left of my own Lent will go — it will be a revelation to me I think.

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