I am starting to feel better….

Last Sunday’s readings at Church were about water. There was the Old Testament passage about Moses drawing water from the rock and the Gospel reading was the passage about the Woman at the Well and the living waters. Life is of course very much about and involved with water. It so happens that I have also begun greatly increasing the amount of water that I drink. This does not mean I won’t die of something terrible next year but I do feel a remarkable improvement in my general health in a few days. The readings did not motivate me to go on the water-drinking journey. I had begun the process before I realized what the readings were. But I did notice them because they were the readings from the first Sunday of this water enriched life change. I do not know how long I will keep this up but I believe it is vital for me to do it as long as I can and not sink back entirely to my insufficiently hydrated state.

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