Another Special Family Gathering

Not long ago I posted on the dinner my sister Susanna hosted for my Dad, my brother and I on an early Sunday afternoon. That was with her Vanvickles and at their home in Lafayette. It was nice. Today we had another nice gathering which unfortunately did not include the Vanvickle section. My niece Alyse Spiehler had been here at Big Woods earlier but was not able to come  to this either and her stepfather was also busy at his studies in New Orleans. But all of the rest of us were here with shared dishes of plentiful and tasty food and a new book — my mother’s second volume of her memoir — to celebrate. We had a pleasant time. All absent were missed and no gathering is perfect but it was close enough to perfect.

I am aware of all that I did and did not get done this week but I am happy to be doing anything as good as this little gathering. There was a baby shower for a cousin in a nearby town that most of us were too weary to attend . We thought of them and we sent gifts with the  few who did go. The gift I sent came off their registry so I am fairly sure they liked it. But I could not get there. We all have concerns and commitments we are not entirely achieving even on good days. Yet we can celebrate that there are some good days.

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