A Rare Thursday Round-up

Here are some of the threads i am trying to weave into the tapestry of my life:

1. There was some kind of problem at the Washington DC Ronald Reagan airport, fire in the fuel tank farm at the Miami International Airport and one wonders if there is something going on in aviation. My mother flies back into the United States from Asia today.

2. Life has got me a bit banged up and bruised these days and I cannot remeber how I got hurt — not a great sign.

3. An old friend and contemporary with the initials PEN has his birthday today and another JSM recently had his and I wish them well. I also compare and reflect at such times.

3. Spring has really started here in Louisiana.

4.There is little in the world that distracts us from the basic state of distractedness if it becomes deeply enough rooted in our lives.

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