Look at those strong Presidential Candidates!!!

Look at that strong field of Republican presidential candidates! Well look at them…

Newt — was running maybe but maybe not.

Sarah Palin — losing momentum daily.

Mitt– Sort of hanging around is not the same as running.

Rudy– “No, I don’t think this wife wants me to die yet”.

Kucinich — that four percent is locked in if he runs, bu they aren’t Republicans.

Paul — promises to abolish the White House and operate off of a park bench he might have a chance.  

The general rule in American politics is “go black and never go back”. The Negros are so racist that it is hard for any politics other than open race-baiting to dislodge a black man. Open race-baiting is illegal and is also bad for the country. It will be interesting to see if Dubya  was our last white President of the United States.

For me my personal life is completely engrossing and mostly very bad as it is for many other people. Politics is compelling but the idea of keeping a white man in office does not compel me the way it compels black urban voters to wipe out white civilization in many of our cities. I am fortunate to have lived more than half my life by any reasonable estimate. My pain is limited by expiration date. But there is a lot of pain coming down the pike in all probability and many of us can make out its general features in the distance.

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