One Hundred Inappropriate Questions: 76-100

Inappropriate or not, here are some questions about America and its place in the world: 

76. Do people in the Pentagon really believe that Taiwan has any secrets from Beijing?

77. Do people in our government really think the only reasons North Korea is dark at night is because they cannot afford as much electricity as South Korea?

78. Does the Wikileaks scandal really stand alone as proof that the National Security we pay so much for is made ridiculous by our dying ability to think and act as a coherent society?

79. Don’t some people realize we are led by people who proclaim and extreme and dangerous ideology and insist we are lucky to be in a country united by ideas and not history, geography and ethnicity?

80.  Hoe much has the US government spent developing Hopi and Navajo jewelry to the limits of the industry, Eskimo kayaks, Cherokee pipes, Iroquois beads, Sioux tanneries, Hawaiian dance? Is this the government that dares to lecture people about opportunity, justice and respect for minorities?

81. How close to pure lying propaganda is the Anglo-centric history which all White children in this country are supposed to relate to in school?

82. Even where they are legal do we have to have a system where we cannot recognize the toll of easy divorce, abortion, adultery, child abandonment and promiscuity as a kind of misery index in society?

83. Does anyone really doubt that the dominance of congregational organization and nondenominationalism in churches calling themselves Christian is bound to break down any effort at building up the social order to cope with the problems of a great power?

84. Do we think that not having apprenticeships, diminishing industrial and agricultural education and trying to have everyone be technical college graduates will produce better technology? Must it not produce more chaos, displacement and a strain on resources needed for those with an aptitude for engineering?

85. Is the Bureau of Land Management well-known to the Americans for whom it holds over 250 million acres of land?

86. Is the Bureau of Land Management well-managed?

 87.  Is the Bureau of Land Management accountable?

88. Does anyone realize that discrimination means more or less the same thing as intelligent thought, so intelligent thought is a crime in this country?

89. Do we realize that the free market as we define it and shore it up with bad politics is really what decent people would call piracy?

90. Do we think the lack of national policy which is forced forward across the changes of the two-year election cycle is freedom?

91. Do we believe the miniscule number of real native US citizen linguists we have is less than a crisis?

92. Do we really think teacher certification is mostly working well and that the way it works has no great costs involved to society?

93. Does a failure to invest in local pedestrian malls, condominiums, public transit and safe sidewalks really make us the richest nation in the world because our basic lifestyle is so very expensive?

94. Does not having any real savings rate for decades not remind our analysts of addicts and gamblers more than workers and investors?

95. Does our fascination with prohibiting everything from smoking to fatty foods by law and not allowing people to build exclusive institutions still tell the few who can think that this country is a tyranny?

96.Wouldn’t any country that uses drones and missile strikes on soft targets be ashamed to call terrorists cowardly if it was not completely morally bankrupt?

97. Don’t we believe that there is a rise in counterfeit drugs, stolen organs, insurance fraud and bad policy which will obliterate much our health care system unless the perfect storm is slowed before it reaches critical mass?

98. Does Brazil have to become a Chinese province before we see that we are not really trying to compete in much of our hemisphere anymore?

99.Isn’t it more likely that we are headed to destruction than that our system will correct itself in a good way?

100. Did you knowe that not feeling pain when you are injured is what causes the principal deformities in leprosy patients/

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