One Hundred Inappropriate Questions: 27-50

Inappropriate or not here are some more questions about America and her place in the world:

27. Is it likely that a written Constitution created in 1789 and interpreted in all manner of obscure witching which has been used to obliterate civilian and tribal systems of law across a continent and has been stripped of much of it federal nature without structural reform in which people have been held inside in rivers of blood  — that such a Constitution is a unique beacon and fortress of freedom?

28. Is it really more moral to seize things from many people and persons and then share them profligately with whoever shows up than to take a more slow and discriminating approach that might be satisfied short of consuming everything?

29. Is it likely that the champion of future green technologies and its chief innovator is going to be  a country which has no means of public transportation across much of the country and celebrates as a national hero a woman who, however less than ideal her system was, helped bring down such a system over time?

30. Is it likely that electing a man who complains about the mistreatment of one of the most indulged groups of black people on the planet is likely to lead us to make our society more competitive in the world?

31. Is it likely that defending the rights of atheists and Muslims to hamper traditional local celebrations is a priority that will make our country stronger over time when official religions or near official religiosity is the norm in the world’s nations and the social cost of these absences is great?

32.Is it likely that, much as I do love College sports, having the universities spend more than they take in and ever more so on an ever larger scale on getting a bunch of black criminals to get more than their statistical share of all the glory, sex and honor at campuses across the nation is making our country greater?

33. Is it likely that having elections largely decided television advertising to disconnected mass markets is really the best form of democracy in the modern era?

34. Is it likely that bigger government versus smaller government is a debate a thinking society could carry out for so long and in such stridency? Is it not more likely that it is a simplistic thing that is left over when thinking has stopped?

35. Is it likely that the government spends almost all it money on entitlements because that is best for the country? Is it more likely that it is what a very bad government system has to do to stay in power?

36. Is it likely that America   has the technical momentum when it has fewer nukes, almost no new nuclear power plants, is scheduled to fly to the space station only with Russia, the Space Station is much closer, more boring and wasteful than the moon, it has almost no high-speed rail, it does not have the world’s highest buildings, its laws drove Bill Gates to an early retirement and it’s technical and engineering schools produce fewer citizen graduates than many of the world’s leading powers?

37. Is it likely we are free and just the police are filmed standing around preventing rescues on dozens of occasions while people are shot in crisis zones, where people are released for violent crimes while mandatory drug sentence  convictions fill our prisons, where sex traffic abounds in many places and is regulated almost nowhere and where millions live here without legal permission?

38. Is it likely that we are taken seriously at most negotiation when we  put all the executive and head of state functions into a single office and limit it to eight years while most powers will have at least one player at that big virtual table for decades?

39. Is it likely that Lincoln who presided over the slaughter of more Americans than anyone else in our history, made a Thanksgiving Day out of commemorating the slaughter at Gettysburg and  proclaimed the constitutional heresy of government by the People, of the People and for the People (instead of of the People, Union, States and Dependent Nations, by the People, States and Union and for the Common Welfare—  which was the constitution) if we did not love destroying our own heritage and society?

40. Do we believe that the British royalty would have so much resonance and movies like the King’s Speech would be so much admired, the special honor guard would wear red coats instead of Continental uniforms if our system were not a humiliation to most people still capable of being humiliated here?  

41. Would we be in a society where most Americans are more afraid of their own government having more power than of our countless mortal enemies having more power if we were leaders of the free world?

42. Can the meaning of free speech which allows fraud and misinformation to go completely unchallenged in huge numbers of cases for decades with almost no cost at all really make any country stronger?

43. Isn’t America a sick and troubled society squandering its vast resources and rushing to destruction almost as fast as it can get there?

44. Isn’t the election of Barack Hussein Obama proof that we are largely socially dead and probably have no meaningful future?        

45. Isn’t our debt crisis vastly worse than most because we don’t spend on building up, but like  a drug addict spends to relieve pain and tension?

46. Isn’t our infrastructure falling apart in many places?

47.Don’t we give so many rights to noncitizens that really there is almost no value to being a citizen and especially a citizen father?

48. Aren’t we willing to support many streams of coddling half-truths fed to us if we can avoid hearing about and facing the truth about our country?

49. Aren’t we incapable of developing most our minerals on the one hand or demanding safety for those around those  we are developing?

50. Isn’t America believing its own press and not the truth when it sees itself as the center of Washington consensus, the only superpower and the richest nation in the world?

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