One Hundred Inappropriate Questions: 1-26

Inappropriate or not, here or one hundred questions about America and our place in the world.

1. What are the odds that a Western country which elects a man named Barack Hussein Obama who is heir to the Obama revolutionary and Black racist dynasty in Africa is not fundamentally suicidal in its current state?

2. What are the odds that when  Libyan premiere Gaddafi proclaimed Obama the African Emperor of the United States in the UN he was not aware of these Obama legacies?

3. What are the odds that a federal system has not profoundly lost its bearings where gay marriage, abortion, racial mixes in schools and other domestic questions are major issues for the Federal government for a long time?

4. What are the odds that a government which for generations barely recognizes the House of Lords and the Privy Council has almost not real understanding of the British COmmonwealth that compose almost a third of the human race?

5. What are the odds that the occupants of the White House are near the top of the world rankings when the White House is almost a shack by the standards of national palaces?

6. What about the fact that disarmament was negotiated by a man whose wife was a believed Soviet sympathizer when they met after he went with her to their country and had a large change of attitude — what does that mean?

7. What are the odds that the largest air staging base in the world is kept by the British Commonwealth on our Northern border because they cannot imagine conflict with us?

8. What are the odds that Congresswoman Gifford and her friends were shot by a man with such an enormous (in his shaven head state at the time) resemblance to her husband? No matter which of a dozen reasons there may be for this he could have passed for Kelly in a stranger’s description and as is foreseeable the husband of the shot woman seldom appeared publicly for a while. If the accused is the shooter what are the odds he would be captured on the scene and if not what are the odds of the two being distinguished  thereafter?

9. What are the odds that the richest man in the World is an Arab citizen of Mexico and there is a large war on our border there and that we are not directly threatened with invasion from Arab terrorists in the South?

10. What are the odds that a country where over ten percent of it Presidents are shot and nine percent are shot dead really has a strong and secure concept of national defense?

11. What are the odds that a society which limits the chances of strong men keeping real servants, mistresses, segregated clubs, smoking pot are having multiple wives and effectively prevents all dueling and the use of honorifics to build up the ego can bring effective leadership to bear within the law?

12. What are the odds that a country which finds Bill Gates to unconscienced and predatory in nature is  really possessed of moral leaders who can step forward in crises?

13. What are the odds that the most wasteful and largest debtor nation in the world is truly the richest in all the measures that matter?

14. What are the odds that a country where millions of illegal immigrants live freely is really able to defend itself except in its capacity to cripple its own good people?

15. What are the odds that a country where one can spill oil for months on end in the most precious waters has meaningful regulation after all the money it has spent?

16. What are the odds that the UN facility in New York is the best one to have and that the one in Switzerland is the secondary one?

17. What are the odds that America leads in any meaningful way when it has had governors of Michigan and California who were foreign-born and several recent first generation American-born Governors and its best programs are often dominated by foreigners at schools across the country.

18.What are the odds American is a free country when we have the largest prison population, the most regulators, outlaw numerous ancient institutions and pander to those who harm society at every level?

19. What are the odds America is strong when in one generation it has given away Subic Bay and Clark Field in the Philippines, the Panama Canal, Micronesia, almost its entire nuclear arsenal, its racial identity,  about half its money’s value and its political cultural ceremonies in countless places?    

20. What are the odds that the SPace programs and nuclear programs with which we cooperate are not run mostly to destroy our most unique American achievements?

21. What are the odds that the increasing failure of civic institutions is reversible by giving more privileges to the groups least able to make good use of them?

22. What are the odds that the most selfish teachers in the world are able to make our next generation ready to face national crises together?

23. What are the chances that A President and Congress could be elected in this regime not mostly on the basis of lies and flattery?

24. What are the odds that American statistics are reliable if generated in this country as it really is?

25. Is it possible that instead of being the only super power America is on many standard the weakest major power in the world?

26. Isn’t America diving towards self-destruction at full speed in almost every way?

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