Sunday before Mardi Gras

Most of my days rank somewhere deep in the bad classification and I doubt that this will be any different. Those who read this blog regularly know that I consider the normal human condition on this planet to be more or less hell in every sense that word has real meaning for me. I am not expecting this day to deviate from that standard.

It would take decades of rapid and unprecedented improvement for me to reach a state of life I would consider merely crummy. However, this is the Sunday before Mardi Gras and is a time of celebration in Louisiana. I do not expect to be celegrating myself and as I think back more than ninety percent of my memories of this day were bad memories but still there were some very good ones in there even if often bracketed by horrible associations.

I see that this has been a pleasant break in many years. Sort of the way it would be nice to have a parade to distract you if lived in the Hell of Dante’s Inferno of the Divina Comedia, is how I remember it. Whatever, you may be doing I hope you have as good a day as possible. Carnival is ending and Lent is coming on.

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