Ungovernability and Violence in America Part Two

The United States of America does not have a remotely legitimate government. It is not a close thing.

The Myths of American Civilization which Citizens believe but which are untrue:

1. America is a democracy:

America is not a democratic society and has no credibility as such. The States themselves are viable democracies but their power is reduced. There are only two political figures elected at the Federal or National Level directly and they are the President and the Vice-President and now they are on the same ticket. Their elections are unconstitutional because they never wait to be certified by the Electoral college. Further, the media have called elections before all ballots were closed and almost all are closed before the military ballots are in and counted.   The President is the center. The only other national election is that indirect one of the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Our President’s legitimacy is extremely important because unlike most systems no Cabinet heads are serving in the legislature our constitution forbids this double dipping and so they derive most of their legitimacy from the President. If they were in Congress it would matter less. Ford was never elected President or Vice President, Gore actually was open in seeking to exclude the military and absentee ballots that should have had until the electoral college meeting to be counted. Bush II was set in office by the Supreme Court. There is no concept of law which is not gibberish under which we can be said to have a legitimate government. We are in the gray twilight of a quasi-legitimate government.

2. America is a lawful country:

It is not. Nobody has bothered to repeal the tenth amendment but most powers are not reserved to the States and that is really at the core of our system under current law.

3. America is a free country.

It is not. Our civil institutions are collapsing everywhere under the weight of bad regulation. The size of government is not the issue. Were the regulations more skillful they could be tougher, bigger and more demanding and society would still be more free. They are clumsy and stupid and that is the problem here.

In the first post in this series I said America was ungovernable because it did not offer much to its leaders. In this post I am saying it is no longer under a legitimate government.

For a different vision of America’s future see this page:  


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