The Oscars and a Daily Round-Up

The Academy Awards of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences aired last night on ABC. I watched with interest after dropping off my parents at the rental car agency near the Lafayette Regional Airport. They had reservations at La Quinta on Airport Drive near the Houston International Agency. My mother called me from her airplane on the runway to have me relay a message to the rest of her party travelling to the Philippines by way of Malaysia and Asia. I did relay the message. I have also made and eaten my breakfast, done some laundry and attended to some correspondence. But this morning I also watched the ABC Good Morning America program which largely rehashed the Oscars themselves and the Red Carpet Section. Natalie Portman who is on my list of People to Watch in the Second Post-9/11 Decade won Best Actress for her performance as a ballerina in Black Swan.  Hooper and Firth took Best Actor and Best Director  for The King’s Speech which also won one of the two Screenplay awards and the big Prize — Best Picture. The Fighter swept the two Supporting Awards for Bale and Leo. The Social Network ‘s writer won a Screenplay Award and it got some others but none of the huge ones and Inception arrayed a bit behind The Social Network.  I thought hosts Anne Hathaway and Best Actor Nominee James Franco did an excellent job.

The Awards also had an elementary school choir in the finale and they were fun to watch and hear.   Hollywood is far from dead and seemed more vibrant than often in the past. I am rushing from the keyboard to attend to some mundane and routine domestic stuff and may blog again later. However, I will say that this was a pretty good weekend  — all in all.

My mother hopes to pick up the Asian version of the second book in her series of memoirs on this trip and have it ready to distribute on her speaking tour. I may blog more about that later. It seems likely that we will get some rain here soon but it is very clear and sunny this morning so far.

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