What America has gotten

Well, Iran is not my favorite country. Persia is an ancient enemy of my line.

However one can see that, in momentum, they are largely doing fine.

As those white-skinned Ayotollas guide the mullahs and the guns

The White Supremacist Persians come up to the light of better suns.


America has huge salaries for some things it is true and rot everywhere.

Mostly black skins unworking, fed, clothed fill our jails and cells.

Even if more terrorize streets, schools and  busses, do we care?

Real law is impossible when the court supports every Black who fusses.

In the race where China, Iran and brown India get much bigger,

Can’t we say “We got you beat – we have gotten nigger!”

As long as big blacks rape our whites they get bigger.


How many Blacks keep whites from studying in schools?

American girls in some live under Muslim rules.

So what, we keep down those Cracker fools.


God knows I think the Black man is a man. I really do.

Oh so many other folks that I dlislike  I can scan.

The age of the angry nigger is America today, true.

The hard work of racial justice never caught on here.

Even if they had all stayed in Africa, Earth is Earth I fear.

No substitute for thinking ever will appear.


No, it is not better to admit the black to college than the white.

It is also wrong to keep all black elevation out of sight.

Given that the Norse live in a cold if pretty prison,

Greece’s dead world of lands is the greatest White vision.

Every time justice is lost and equality or purity alone stands,

Racial progress and that of the larger human race erodes.

So we have spent all our resources on idiotic codes.

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