Some Thoughts on the Passing of a Day

Today I heard the Somali pirates killed the two older American couples on board the yacht called the Quest and were welcomed in surrender — The American government as it is wiping out its own people.

Today,  I heard two Iranian ships came up the Suez canal to engage in exercises near Syria — The American government as it is is wiping out its  own people. 

Today, Jeremy Shockey was let go by the Saints and nobody suggested Black racism as a posssible factor in the f****ing NFL even after what has happened to the NBA. The media is silent because of being shped by past government action — the American government as it is is wiping out its own people.

I am feeling a bit under the weather and am thinking about how bleak and horrible so much of my life has always been. I am more aware of that than usual and I am always aware of it. The general rottenness of the world is too me perhaps my most important truth. But today for reasons not in this blog post it is more important than it is on most days.

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