The Lara Logan Sexual Assault

I still have not been able to confirm that the “sustained and brutal sexual assault” of Lara Logan was a gang rape meaning it had involved multiple men achieving penetration or even a rape meaning it involved at least one man achieving penetration. Clearly the health risks alone are much greater if it was a rape and she will be a longer time without knowing the result of her horror. This happened on February 11, 2011 and involved a mob of 200 people who also beat her and who separated her from her security. It is aid she was later rescued by a group of Egyptian women and soldiers and that CBS willl not be issuing more detailed reports.

I have often followed Ms. Logan’s war reportage and it seems clear that she is a very exotic physical type in the world. a very womanly figure, blond and fair-skinned and in every way an exceptional target and symbol for certain  kinds of violence. One of the problems with living in a world where thought has almost disappeared is the problem of things never being discussed rationally, Lara Logan was   very probably a victim of racism and racial hatred as well as sexual violence.

There are a few diffrent reasons why so few redheads and blondes exist in the world. One set of reasons I do not condemn, disparage or   criticize. That first set of reasons is that their have always been a lot of dark-haired people and people prefer to marry and breed into their small groups and secondly if most dark haired people interbreed with blonds and redheads they will not produce any blonde or redheaded children — only a tiny minority of the total number of dark haired people (whites with dark hair mostly) will produce any such offspring. Whatever physical functions the assailants may have performed they were not socially geared to producing more people who looked like Lara in Egypt. Probably she would have been killed eventually. Blonde and redhead children which do occur in most of the world or often eaten as food and this is coded as their being “little angels” which the community returns to heaven (which exists in many religions and religious contexts), or they are reared as prostitutes or otherwise subjected to horrors beyond imagining. This is often done in a context where people admit they are more beautiful and that is why they must not be allowed to survive and change the social dynamic. While white racism is often condemned it is probably essential to the survival of white families and also to much of human achievement. Note that while I am a White Supremacist I condemn White Racism often.

Lara is an imperfect person and CBS’s policy is probably wrong in hundreds of ways in how they manage their people — I  do not know . But it would still be a beautiful sight to me to see some red and blonde bearded men coming ashore in Egypt finding those boys who assaulted her and lynching a few, flogging a few to death and maybe skinning the leaders alive. When whites did that sort of thing more maybe they could sleep more easily than I do worrying about my traveling blonde female relatives. Hatred is better than “love and tolerance” when they are not those things at all but just lies and crap. Civilization can be built and should be built,  but where it is going down in flames then real white savagery must be considered. I am by conviction a civilized White Supremacist who believes all humans are capable of good and evil and capable of real civilization together. I do not believe every society needs to be White Supremacist. I believe in flogging and the death penalty as essential to real civilization but not in orgies of violence. But this is not a civilized age. Because we do not have civilization,  in this age it is the blood eagle, the roasted hand-hung man and the horse-dragged man that perhaps darker peoples should think of first when they see my white-skinned and fair-haired sisters both literal and extended. I am ashamed that I cannot kill any of these men who attacked Lara. I am not proud nor do I have any desire to rationalize my shameful weakness and apathy.

6 responses to “The Lara Logan Sexual Assault

  1. michellefrommadison

    It appears Lara Logan got what she wanted. She is not a victim. Some people might even call her a tramp. Tramps are just tramps and seem to bring on much of the torment in their lives by their own decisions. Wonder if Lara got any money for doing tricks in the street? Will she claim that money on her taxes as a tax deduction for work?

  2. michellefrommadison,

    Why do I doubt the authorship of this post? I will check a bit and see if I can discover that you are actually aman from Egypt. If you are not then it seems improbable that you can believe a fairly funtional woman wants to be gang-raped in a square or anything approaching that. If you do believe that you are mentally disturbed in all probability.

    There are two other possibilities. First, that you are being sarcastic, maybe because you think I am sarcastic. I often am sarcastic but not in this post. I think sarcasm is ill-suited to this circumstance but I also think the world is absurd and can understand anyone wishing to express that. Second, you may be such a modern feminist that your hackles rise because I mention the possible faults of CBS management and the imperfections of Ms. Logan. The management issue is important to me and I have no great river of pity for big companies that screw up. Ms. Logan has been in sexual trouble before but her likley fault here if any was not judging the real totality of the threats she faced. There is an ocean of fault at work, Foryunately she may recover almost fully. But this is a bad example and I am quite sincere in wishing to be able to terrorize those men and all who knew them as they have lived in a culture of terrorism.

    I object to bombing cities wholesale. I do not say I would never do it but I think it is never really alright. Sometimes iregular nightmares visited on the guity can be justified. It is ugly to discuss the paths of Savagery. But she was a journalist practicing her craft in a square and she was a blonde woman in a society with very few and she was working for an American company. I would be pleased to see her attackers die soon and slowly. That is my real feeling on the subject.

  3. michellefrommadison

    Lara Logan needs to be charged with a crime. Having sex in the public can be considered a crime in many places in the world, and she participated, as she claims. Example: if two people, a car driver and a bandit rob a bank, both are charged with the crime of robbing the bank. Lara was not a victim, but an active participant in a criminal act. Perhaps a few decades in prison might help Lara to change her mind for participating in such conduct in the future. Send her back to Egypt, we sure don’t need people like her here in the U.S.A.

    • michellefrommadison,

      I will grow weary of this but clearly one does not chare the police in the robbery or the bank teller. One does not charge the fireman nor the burn victims but only the arsonist. Your point of view would go dowb well in many Islamist circles however…

    • michellefrommadison,

      I removed your last two comments as they were purely gratuitous in the bland rstatement of offensive nonsense.

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