On the  February 11,  anniversary of the deposing of the Shah of Iran. The military of Egypt, whose leaders were trained by the now deposed Soviet Union, have taken over the control of their country’s Government. What are they really committed to? They have said very little.

If I were crafting a constitution to really create a great Egypt I think the military would play an important role and so would the masses. Perhaps a bicameral legislature in which proportional voting and majoritarian voting divided the seats in the lower house would represent the masses well. An upper house in which half the seats were reserved for Institutional leaders such as Presidents of Universities, retired General officers, The Coptic Patriarch of Alexandria, a Council of Viziers religious and secular chosen by an appointment council and perhaps a constitutional Monarch and a prime minister who were sort of presidentialy outside the legislature and sot of in the legislature would represent the few and the one well. However, all of that is exactly the kind of thing that so far shows no sign of happening.  So far there is a more integrated and articulate mob than before and there is the military. That is far less than a great Egypt would require.

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