Early Voting for State Senator

Nick Gautreaux who was our state senator in my Louisiana state senate district has resigned his post to take a post offered him by Governor Jindal in the Department of Motor Vehicles. This has left his seat empty and Nathan Granger who won and operates the sizable small business QCP and is a Police Juror and a Democrat who bills himself a Conservative Democrat. Granger played football at my alma mater has endowed a local not-for-profit athletic facility for youth and his wife is a school teacher, he is running against Jonathan Perry who is a lawyer and a Republican state representative. Perry has won several awards in the family and marriage area and is endorsed by Jindal and is a former police officer.The race has been remarkably hard fought although much classier and more genteel than 96% of the races I see being run. The election day is on February 19 and early voting opened Saturday. I went this morning to vote and had read newspaper interviews, flyers and listened to ads. It was a fairly difficult choice. One thing Granger has against him for me is that one of this company’s phone numbers is just like one of our numbers with two digits reversed. I have literally answered hundreds and maybe thousands of phone calls for QCP. I am worried that he may become insuffereable and get more calls at that number if he is elected state senator. That will make my unhappy existence less happy.However, while I will not disclose my choice between two seemingly good local men I will say the phone number was not all decisive for me.

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