Super Bowl Sunday Thoughts

This is another one of those rather brief and phot-free posts that I have beencranking out lately and that I always do a few of in any given month I guess. It will be both brief and rambling.
My mother planned a get-together at her father’s house and
all of my grandfather’s children were there although not many of the subsequent genrations were missing. It was kind of a nice time on a beautiful day before the Super Bowl and it was a chance to memorialize ny dead grandmother’s birthday that is monday. Later on at first birthday for a little cousin who lives here at Big Woods I was talking about the Super Bowl just as I had earlier at Kisinoaks. Once again I realized that I did not know really who I am “pulling for” in this game. I am not someone who has to be on one side or another to enjoy a game. I would prefer to watch the few teams I really care about to watching any other teams but when watching a major game I can enjoy it without taking sides.

I carfe about the Steelers. Terry Bradshaw was the Blond Bomber and a great Louisiana quarterback for a small university here before playing in Pittsburg. I spent time in Pittsburg during college and I have enjoyed other Pittsburg personell including Big Ben and what they bring to the game. I also think that the Packers are a great and storied team and that I cannot say I have not admired Brett Favre, the legend of Lombardi and all the mythology of the Frozen Tundra.

I look forward to the commercials as well and maybe a littlelow key fellowship. Whatever it will be — I am grateful to have the game to watch.

I need a break from thoughts which are depressing me.

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