Egypt Eleven Days in to the Process

I have not commented on the Egyptian crisis in this blog so far but I am commenting on it now:
1.It seems that a coordinated strike by the Muslim Brotherhood against Jordan, Egypt, Yemen and other countries is being facilitated by Presidnet Barack Hussein Obama who gives out a great deal of evidence of being in favor of Islamist domination. Our enemy president is in charge of our policy.

2. I was involved in the People Power movement in the Philippines and it seems I remeber it differently than this. The numerous prayer services with teachings, secular eents with drinks, policy platforms, books by  and about the Aquinos, documentaries and other projects were a much bigger picture than the street protests. This is either very badly reported or this is a very different movement.
3. Nobody in the State reported on the rise of Arab and Lebanese people during the large economic crisis which brought some good things and lots of bad things to this country just south of the USA. Now we have a situation unlike anything in Mexican history going on just next to us. All of this is related.

4. I do feel that the Mubarak regime needed reform but they had the Suez canal running, there was peace on the borders, there was welfare aid, the antiquities were secure, there was tourism and people had a sizable economy. None of that is guaranteed. We are facing that set of bad consequences.

5. We face the destrction of what power America can project peacefully so that if Obama fails in his efforts to destroy our civilization war will be more likely than it ever has been. War for American interests there will be very rough if it comes.

6. Despite what has been said it is a small minority of angry, lazy loud-mouthed men working with our own champion of misrule who are at the heart of all we can see happening.

7. While I see everything in bleak terms I would very musch like to see Egypt a great and prosperous country. But different than it is in many ways.

8. Life conitnues to be largely hell. My biggest comfort is that my years of enduring it are fewer than they once were.

9. There are other comforts including this weekend’s Super Bowl.

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