A few thoughts scattered and collected

1. I am making good progress on the Model Constitution Page for this blog.
2. I am able t0 say I enjoyed the Pro Bowl although it was as usual a kind of lovable mess.
3. It is a foggy day here in Vermilion Parish.
4. I bought a couple more Nolan Barras puzle boxes today.
5. I am cogitating upon, as opposed to working on, my list of the ranked Ten Most Watchable People in the World.
6. My mother appears to be nearing some publishable version of her second volume of her memoirs — the first of which was Go! You are Sent…7. I am personally not all that, happy prospered or feeling well on this particular day.
8. I am looking forward to the Super Bowl.
9. The day proceeds forward.
10. I am sorry I missed the SAG awards show on TV.

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