My View of the State of the Union

I did not watch President Obama’s State of the Union address live. My mother and I went out early and stopped at my countryside post office to check my PO box. Then we arrived at Richard’s Crawfish Patio and  ate boiled crawfish. Next we went to Lafayette’s South Regional Library and returned  some things and checked out others. After that we went to The Grand 16 and watched Country Strong. After that awe stopped at a convenience store and bought a  few of the most urgently needed things for the  house. We drove back to where we live. I put things away and did a brief chore or two and flipped on C-SPAN and caught the second half of the speech and the Republican response. Then I stayed up late enough to catch the first half on  a simulcast by CNN and FOX.

It seemed clear to me that President Obama is a very dangerous man for us to have as President of the United States, It seemed clear to me that our country is in terrible trouble. It seemed clear to me that things are just plain terrible in much of our political system, However, I will reserve detailed analysis and commentary for a later post. I am more concerned today about slowly losing my battle to preserve the health and function of my feet than I am concerned about the issues of the State of the Union Address. Perhaps in the next day or so I will get the energy together to  focus on the SOTU in a blog post more specifically.

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