The China Visit, State of the Union and I myself

I have been following the vizit of Premiere Hu to the USA and the preparation of the State of the Union Address tonight with interest. I have arthritis and am not really crippled by it so far unless there ivery high pressure and clear skies suddenly giving way to very low pressure and storms. When that happens it is somewhat a time of swelling, pressure and pain I might call agonizing. That has been my last few days. Tonight my mother and I are going out so early for dinner and a movie I may still catch much of the SOTU live and if not I will have to pick it up on various media. However, whatever happens this will be one of those sets of events that gets passed over by this blog because of personal reasons in part. The same is true of the annual March for Life. It is true I have posted but not the reporting kind of posts. Even the limited reporting I now do is an area where I find a pain-addled brain is the most handicapped. I may or may not write or think clearly in such times but it is hard for me to be sure and it gives me pause in discussing new and complaex events. The pain is receding now. But not yet gone.

I do think the three events that I have mentioned are important. I believe they might have commanded more of my attention here under different circumstances.

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