Summary of Racial and Ethnic Policy in a Transformed Union

The reasons for and mechanics of this set of polices is laid out at least a little better in blog posts across my blog. However, here is the  best effort I have made to summarize this policy as a whole and comprehensive policy. Some of the material in this post which is a summary is new and must be seen as such. The rest is an attempt to summarize policy as I remember recommending it elsewhere in this model and  therefore there may be some inconsistencies. The first thing to be done is develop a sense of focus and relative urgency about such things. The second thing is to have the right central person and the right supporting group of people in charge of doing these things which need to be done.

A Special Project to be completed  before the Constitutional Transformation of American Society can be undertaken is the production of detailed documentation of a number of the very serious problems which exist in this society as it is.  This will include a rounding up of the most egregious miscarriages of the criminal justice system. Recording of a variety of serious problems in permanent media.  It is always a challenge to change a society and it is possible that there will be some sustained violence and unrest at this time. That includes the possibility that people such as myself will be killed as certain entrenched powers respond to their sense of being threatened.  If the transformation is to occur then those committed to it must proceed past that point in the process.  The facts of how many ethnic groups have long claims to this place as their home and have had little or no chance of being in Congress must be represented. The true horrors behind White Flight and the government sanctioned theft of the cities must be documented. Some small portion of the many Black local officials and school officials who are stupid and evil and powerful in turning these institutions into the basis of their own American terrorist organizations against white and Asian children must be documented and the worst offenders caught must be made an example of as quickly as possible. The inability of Black employers, professionals and leaders to build an honest community and power base under current conditions must be documented.  This must all be part of the effort of preparing for the new regime.  

I have divided the principles in this policy into five groups of principles. Those are Universal Human Laws and Principles, Universal Laws and Principles for Citizens, Laws and Principles Relating to Constitutional Jurisdictions, Laws and Principles Relating to Imperial and Federal Government and lastly Laws and Principles  Relating  to Society and Community outside of Sovereign Government.

I. Universal Human Laws and Principles

1. All Sovereign Governments in this realm and their agents must conclude and act as though anyone born or conceived of a mother and father who were capable of sexual reproduction with  the Imperial House or other accepted humans such as the billions of known humans in the world and who is related genetically  to known humans is a human. 

2. All humans are born legally capable of maturing into adults who are capable of contracting marriage, holding citizenship, voting in some kind of legislative election in this realm and exercising the general right to contract.

3. All humans have a limited and  a general interest in the knowledge of processes by which a sovereign or other parties does in fact or may deprive a human of the exercise of those basic rights of which all humans are capable.

4. Equality of rights is a useful legal default principle but it is not essential to the arrangement of all or most social expressions of the human condition.

II. Universal Laws and Principles for Citizens

1. Anyone born on lands which are part of the United States or Federal American Empire of the United States is either born a Citizen or a Protected Resident Capable of Citizenship. 

2. Race alone is not sufficient to prevent any person from exercising the rights of Citizenship.

3. All citizens may also be referred to as Citizen-Subjects of the Emperor.

4. All Citizens have the right to vote for some kind of representative in the legislature of a Constitutional Jurisdiction, to contract marriage according to the domestic regimes of their Constitutional Jurisdiction, to exercise the Right to Contract, to own and hold property under the laws of their Constitutional Jurisdiction, to Habeas Corpus from all Sovereign Governments in the Empire, to bear arms to some degree as designated by their Constitutional Jurisdiction and the Empire.

5. Nobody born to a status below Citizenship can pass on such a lifelong status to their children unless it be rightly and freely confirmed and chosen by the same nor  can they die of old age in such status unless they have freely and rightly confirmed it. The Empire as a whole shall verify that such persons as are not citizens are receiving some benefit and conferring some benefit on the head of their domestic regime by their status. The Empire shall have rights to see to their welfare and humane treatment.

III. Laws and Principles Relating to Constitutional Jurisdictions

1. Whatever rights are not removed from the States in this regard clearly by these Laws and Principles shall be retained by the States.

2. The States shall at the start and founding of the new regime give up such lands as the New Constitution shall designate to form the Territories, Possessions and Direct Imperial Government Jurisdiction although much of these lands shall come from lands not held or not effectively held by the States.

3.The Territories and Possessions are creatures of the New Constitution differently from the States and are more subject to its close scrutiny and direction at the time of founding and in subsequent operation. However, once the rules are set up they are to operate within those rules a limited but true constitutional sovereigns.

4. At least Seventy-five percent  and not more than ninety-eight percent of all legislative seats, public school payroll positions, free market land sections, public official positions and Jurisdictional Guard positions in the Territories and Possessions must belong to members of that group of people for whom these Constitutional Jurisdiction were created.

5.   All Territories and Possessions must have a bicameral legislature. Those among these two lower ranks of constitutional Jurisdictions which are in any way federal or federalized  must have as many as reasonable and more than half of all seats and divisions of the upper chamber divided by the constitutional sections of the Jurisdiction and the  lower chamber apportioned by population.  Every one of these two lower ranks of constitutional jurisdiction must have at least one seat in the upper house elected exclusively by and from those who are spouses in or direct first or second generation descendants of legitimate or recognized natural marriages with White or North East Asian Nobles and Aristocrats in the Empire. Should there be none in such category a place saver shall be appointed by the Emperor. The Possessions must set aside at least one-fourth and not more than one-third of their upper chamber seats to those that are legally deemed to be more than one-third White or forty percent North East Asian  genetically or genealogicaly. However many such seats are created in a Possession’s upper chamber nearly half must be elected only by such Colored African-Americans and nearly half must be elected  by  a racially unclassified portion of the  electorate.  The Territories must set aside at least one tenth and not more than one quarter of their upper chamber seats to those that are legally deemed to be High Yellows or whiter under their Jurisdictional Racial Code. However many such seats are created in a Territory’s upper chamber nearly half must be elected only by such High Yellows or whiter persons and nearly half must be elected  by  a racially unclassified portion of the  electorate.

6. All States must have either one or two North East Asian Districts which can elect a Representative in the 800 seat House of Representatives unless they have no large traditional  district or population of such persons. Such States with few North East Asians must designate a district as the NEA competitive district.  All States must have a Colored District which does not directly elect a Member of Congress but does elect at least one member of the State legislature. All States must have a State Racial Code enacted in law. One percent of all revenues collected by all States shall  be paid into paid into Capital Development funds of all neighboring Territories and Possessions. Half shall be done equally among all such Jurisdictions and half according to the laws of the State.

7. Racial Protocols and Identity among all citizens shall be a shared responsibility and not subject to political race-baiting to the degree that this can be eliminated. The race of an individual shall be primarily identified by Family Associations as assisted by Kindreds.  A Constitutional Jurisdiction or a person  with standing  may bring a legal action disputing the race of a given person but this shall be binding only on that person and in that jurisdiction and shall not serve as evidence in other such actions. However, an Instance of Disrepute shall be entered in the Empire wide records of the Family and Kindred with comment by the Imperial House.  When four percent or more of all persons in a family association have been held to be of Disreputable Designation then the Association shall be forcibly reformed by the Imperial Household.   No Constitutional Jurisdiction may entirely forbid mixed marriages among  and between races nor the use of public facilities by the member of any race. However, Jurisdictions may require differing behavior by varied races to a limited degree and States may assert a White Supremacist regime in law. Territories of any Aboriginal Kind may assert a regime of limited Racial Ceremonial Preference in Civil Institutions. To enforce these racial codes Jurisdictions may suspend some privileges of those not complying with racial laws and so an ID card may be used to keep track of such infractions. All jurisdictions may in a limited, courteous and  clear way discriminate against citizens of neighboring jurisdictions of a different racial structure in their law compared to Imperial Citizen-Subjects who are not neighbors. The Right to Non-encroachment of the two lower orders is greater than that of the States. All immigrants in the future will have five years after receiving any status from the Union as a whole to find a similar status in a Constitutional Jurisdiction or the Direct Imperial Jurisdiction or else will lose the Union designation as well. Jurisdictions may take cognizance of racial mixed marriage and may treat it as somewhat distinct so long as they do make it impracticable (or nearly so) nor deprive it of its nature and consequences as marriage.   

8.Each Jurisdiction must set aside a small area in its lands for each Compact of Jurisdictions to which it belongs and must not unduly allow its racial laws to interfere  with the proper functioning of the Compact in that Compact Zone as regards access, trade and administration. There shall be DIG Jurisdiction Border Zones around all Compact Zones, between all of the lower two ranks of Jurisdictions and any neighbor and along the borders with Mexico and Canada.  

9. The States shall largely determine their own gun laws with some deference for the principles of the Second amendment under the Original Constitution.  The Territories shall have full military guard and forces with Imperial and Federal Advisors only and large freedom to acquire such weapons ast they please with a few limits. Other weapons of groups and individuals shall be subject to a brief, reasonable and just Imperial Bill of Limitations as well as Jurisdictional law so lang as the citizen has some real right to bear arms.  The Possessions like all States and Territories under the New Constitution will be required to have a Traditional Honor Guard but in their case these shall be half of all jurisdictional full military expenses and positions. The regular Possession Guard shall operate under  an Imperial Bill of Limitations. The other weapons shall be held only by those who have duly inherited them or passed a licensing course as well as complying with any  jurisdictional law.  The Possessions Personal Imperial Bill of Limitations will forbid large magazines, restrict semiautomatic and armor-piercing rounds to members of the five-fold nobility limit the individual to three guns and the Family or Kindred hold to an additional common hold of  one tenth as many as individuals belonging may own.  Imperial taxes shall be higher on all weapons except single shot weapons and there shall be five levels of increasing taxes. 

10. States shall reserve one percent of their in-state college and university enrollment slots for citizens of neighboring Territories and Possessions. Each State shall in its Racial Code discriminate in favor of White women as providers of paid or covenanted child care to small or young white children while not forbidding all Black daycare it shall prefer Territorials and Coloreds for these certificates to Blacks as well. Beyond race it shall prefer women to men in these same provisions. But it cannot forbid all paid childcare by Blacks of whites.  

11. No State may forbid a North East Asian becoming Senator or Governor by reason of race. No North East Asian may directly succeed another North East Asian who has served a full term as State Governor or US Senator. 

12. In all Jurisdictional Race Codes the Imperial Tribe and Household will be recognized as racially self-governing by all other parts of the Government as to internal affairs and their free exercise.

13. Where segregation is enforced it shall have lesser application for domestic servants of another race in proper livery and in pursuit of their duties in service to a member of the permitted race.

IV. Laws and Principles Relating to Imperial and Federal Government

1. No more than one tenth of general officers above three stars shall be North East Asian in either Imperial or US forces. No Colored State Citizen or Territorial may rise to a rank above three star general  in the Imperial or US forces, nor shall more than one tenth of three star generals be Coloreds or Territorials. No Negro or Citizen of the Possessions shall rise above the rank of Brigadier General in the Imperial or US Forces nor shall more than one tenth of all Brigadier Generals be Negros or Citizens of the Possessions.

2. The US Military shall constitute some regiment in its own structure specific to each Constitutional Jurisdiction and to that Jurisdiction as a whole. The US military shall also operate many and diverse of units open to all persons regardless of jurisdictional citizenship or race. Voting for military base Congressional seats shall not allow for recognition of race nor shall the holding of such seats.  

3. The Direct Imperial Government will have its own Racial Code as well as most of its own Domestic, Municipal and Jurisdictional Laws.

4. The Direct Imperial Government will be officially a white supremacist regime. However, there will be many set-asides and inequalities including those which are race blind and those which favor races other than the white race.  This shall include collecting symbolic milages in addition to regular sales taxes and distributing these monies to racial and ethnic groups honored by them through Compacts, Jurisdictions and Kindreds. Third party collectors will keep a tenth of these monies, the DIG will keep another tenth or twenty percent if it collects the funds itself and the remainder will be disbursed to the benefitting populations. 

5. The Imperial Tribe and Household will be recognized as racially self-governing by all other parts of the Government as to internal affairs and their free exercise.

 V. Laws and Principles  Relating  Society and Community outside of Sovereign Government  

1. Compacts are not sovereign at all and belong to the DIG Jurisdiction but are important and shall each have a Compact Variance of the DIG Racial Code.

2. Compacts  shall have bicameral  Assemblies and half or more of the lower chamber of each  assembly will be made of Kindreds which in turn are made up of Family Associations.

3.Every Family Association must have a Provision for Race in its charter and a subsection providing for Mixed Race members which does not deny their potential existence.

4. All Common Carriers providing inter-jurisdictional transportation must carry persons of all races fairly and humanely but beyond that the Empire itself will not dictate their racial policy.

5. No corporation, institution or municipality may deny distinctions of the fivefold nobility nor its legimitate lower orders to a person on the basis of race. It may segregate within such distinctions so long as it does not render them minimal or denatured by such acts and policies. 

6. All institutions are to be subject legal and honor code actions without the easy excuse of some facile reading of a race law. However, racial equality may never be imposed by the United States or Imperial Governments on non-sovereign and legitimate social actors.  That does not mean nothing can be required to be race neutral but only that institutions may not be forced to become largely or entirely race neutral as a consequence of such laws and or governance.  

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