Gearing Up For Some New Blogging

I have had phases and periods of time in this blog. There have been holiday posts, sporting event posts, political election posts and posts about family events.There have been obituaries and other things which constitute a day or two of bogging. All of this very short stuff has been interspersed with longer themes like th BP Oil Spill, the Saints season and such like. Then there are projects like my People to Watch List. It is a year long project with phases in it. I have completed a major phase in naming all those on the list.There will be another phase in a bit but in the meantime I should have more time to blog about the permanent themes of this blog and about myself who am the largest blog theme of all here. So I am relaxing, watching the set of Lord of the Ring DVDs which my youngest sister gave me for Christmas and tending to what I must. However, I am next going to push on into my regular blogging.

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