Diplomacy in the Modern Era:Reflections from My life

How much anger and fear creep into life and argument is always an issue of concern in any field of endeavor. I have reached a new point in my journey toward whatever may function as a grave in the case of my particular life.  I will, sooner or later, be able to ignore the issues of geopolitics. For now however, I still have an opinion.

In my own life I have gotten to a place of careful recognition of how entirely wearied and bleak the rest of my life will likely be and how ill that sits with me in many ways. However, I am perhaps in some ways made more courageous and reckless by this selfsame sense of misery and futility. Today, I heard two people speaking with Fox News (which I do watch but which is not my primary television news) on different subjects but in a way which their rhetoric made related. One was Donald Trump discussing the possibility of running for President and  his desire to see America respected in the world again. The other was Richard Dreyfuss discussing educational reform through his Dreyfuss Initiative. Both of these men seemed to be aware that while things are oddly comfortable to speak of a nation in crisis we are nonetheless in crisis. Later on today, I watched the whole of a show I had seen in part earlier. This was the Diane Sawyer episode of  the new  series Master Class on the new OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network). Sawyer was also speaking about things as they are and can be and appear in American foreign policy, in Appalachia’s foothills and in other stories which suggest that we may be in crisis. She however, was less in the mode of proclaiming crisis than the two men on Fox News. 

That crisis is entirely apparent to most of the rest of the world. It is becoming more imperative than can be easily suggested or explained that we have the right kind of social and constitutional transformation in this country. My proposal is spread across this not very widely read blog. It is a proposal which will seem odd to the vast majority of potential readers. Here are some of the highlights in a single blog post without really checking them for inconsistent details as regards previous posts. These are by no means exhaustive:

1. I recommend we evolve into the Federal  American Empire of the United States. While doing this we  retain our heritage by keeping two legal names the one just given and the United States of America.

2. That we establish a royal monarch as Emperor and Supreme President to reign as Head of State and also to rule with very specific powers  while most of the current role of the President of the United States would be carried out by an analogous First Executive Vice President.

3.I propose that we establish the USA based Maison de le Roi of the Basileus Arkadios as the American Imperial House. 

4. That we redraw the map , creating a whole new class of lands known as Territories and a whole new class of Lands known as Possessions and that we also create lands in the Direct Imperial Government jurisdiction which would consist of a few border zones, special fiefdoms, Compact Districts, the District of Columbia, offshore artificial islands and other cessions making up a tiny portion of all this Union’s lands. Explaining all this at all requires looking at posts elsewhere.

5. That we admit part of Puerto Rico as the last State to be admitted without a constitutional amendment and constitute besides this State of Puerto Rico (which would possibly be exactly the size of Rhode Island or a few square miles bigger) we would also create  two other constitutional jurisdictions a Puerto Rico Creole of Color Territory, and a Puerto Rico Negro and African-American Possession. These non-states would  form part of a large new section of the regime.

6.Possessions and Territories would have government of their domestic regimes and municipal affairs and some share in sovereignty. They would have seats in the House of Representatives but not in the Senate. They would have some constitutional set aside of perpetual development funds. Territories would  have more rank and privilege than Posessions. There would be a federal Territory for all the Aboriginal American peoples of Alaska, four federal Territories for all the Aboriginal American Peoples  of the contiguous states, two Territories for Mestizos in the Eastern and Western Spanish Borderlands, three Creole of Color Territories separately established in Louisiana, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands as well as Territories for Guam, Samoa, the Restored Kingdom of Hawaii., and a single real enough but largely symbolic Territory for citizens descended from Old Holdings (Philippines, Cuba, Micronesia). who are not white or North East Asian  All fifty States would continue to exist and would hold most of their current lands.   Possession will be made one in every former Confederate State , in Puerto Rico and in the Virgin Islands. There will then be one federalized Possession for Maryland, Oklahoma, Kentucky  and West Virginia. Then two single large possessions will be made up of small districts across all other states.  

7.That we reform the Congress in large and small ways. All fifty-one states would elect two Senators as the currently do as well as one elected by the Legislature of each state. That legislative electee would serve for twelve years at a time and if not enrolled as an ordinary Noble or Aristocrat under the rules of one of the Compacts to which the Sate belongs could only serve one term and regardless that Senator must be from the rolls of some part of the Fivefold nobility before the election. These 153 Senators would be the only regular Senators capable of voting for most things but there would be others who had limited functions. The Second Executive Vice President would be President of the Senate. There would be no Tribunes with absolute veto like Rome but their would be Two Senior and Four Junior Tribunes elected by the Territories and One Senior and Two Junior   Tribunes elected by the possessions. Then there would be a class of seats in the Greater Senatorial Council of those with just a bit less power than the Tribunes. These would include the wives of the First and Second Executive Vice Presidents and the Empress’s Minister for the Bureau of Women’s Affairs as well as others and so the though there would be only 154 regular Senatorial votes (with the Senate President voting last when it will create or break a tie under fair procedure) the Grand Senatorial Council will number 200 and will have some key but very limited roles.  Congressional reforms would also   include increasing the House 800 members and creating seats for somewhere two at large seats from each Territory and one at large seat from Possession.  Beyond that the general rule would be that all seats would be apportioned with X people per seat in each State.The amount for districts charted afterwards  might be negotiated but roughly come to 1.25X people per district in the Territories once they have passed almost that amount in fixed two seats and 1.5X people in the districts in the Possessions once they have passed fully that allotment for one fixed seat. Each State with a significant North East Asian heritage population shall have one or two but no more fully or majority Northeast Asian Constituted seats that will probably be  more than twenty but less than forty districts. All military bases in the Empire and abroad will be allotted seats but military  voters will also belong to another home district. These federalized or single districts will be given seats at the rate of 2x people per district.  Their will be four sets reserved to represent the Colored Districts in the States.Each state will have these districts with some municipal governance and seats in the State Legislature for those who are not White or North East Asian and are not related closely to the peoples of bordering Territories or legislatures. These four seats in the House will be represented by those elected by a convention of the colored State Legislators every four years.   There would also be between three and five seats fro those living in Direct Imperial Government jurisdiction. These DIG reps alone would be of limited powers because of some restrictions in the areas of law that have no application in the DIG areas. In basic terms, the House of Representatives will be between 791 and 793 seats apportioned by population.  800 = S+T+P+M+4+(3to5), is the structure but the representation is of the total population plus the eligible military population on bases.  There are more sophisticated ways to do the math but the actual decsions of alottment and districting would be a complex cooperative effort by the Censors and the Jurisdictions. The Censors would be a board of retired very senior officials of several kinds who would run the Census Bureau and actually work with the dsitrictingand would form a magistracy for ethics and public morals.    

8. All Americans would belong to between one and three family associations. These associations would have primary responsibility for defining race. These would also be gathered into Kindreds which would form one of the main bases of DIG representation and government. In addition, the businesses and individuals of America would be encouraged to participate in a guild system, forming another base of DIG representation.

America could grow back into a healthy society if it undertook changes such as this. However, it is not likely to do so and the crisis will become more pronounced.

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