The Chinese State Visit and Other Matters

This is an imprtant occasion. The visit of Premiere Hu Jin Tao of China to the United States is underway. That is part of a very essential relationship in geopolitics. For me the main theme in all these occasions and events is better dealt whith over the course of all the pages and posts in this blog than it is in this little post. Here I simply want to say that I hope for the best in all the long series of events which form this relationship.

I do not believe that there are very many easy answers or really valid simple questions in this important relationship. Perhaps I shall blog more on it later. I am pleased it is happening, That is not because I approve of everything that China is doing, but for other reasons. It is not because I trust the Obama administration to handle it well, but more because not having it would be among the very worst ways to handle these issues.

I am an American and love America in a very unique way. However, China is a very special country to me personally as well. Yet at this time I feel pretty alienated from both of the countries and that sense of alienation makes me more reserved in blogging about the visit.

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