The Second to Last Portion of My List of People to Watch is Coming Up

I have fifteen more names in total to include on my list of “People to Watch in the Second Post 9/11 Decade”. There are eleven in the next installment. That obviously will leave only four. These eleven probably include a name or two which some of you have been thinking you would see and perhaps some names almost none of you have known before. They are choices based on my opinions clearly. I have fully decided on the eleven but not on the final four that follow. One always feels that such a list is at most the best one could do and yet I am proud enough of it. Because I am relatively proud of it, the next installment will not be out for a while. I have still some editing and other preparations. Once it does come out however, the list itself will really be nearly finished.

While I have mentioned the ranking of a top ten and other matters I may take a short break afterfinishing the basic list. Until yhen I am plugging away on the project in some form or other . The ranked ten and the post briefly discussing those who almost made it should all be up before September 10. Nonetheless, if I can get the next two posts up fairly soon then I should have time for a bit of a break. Then I can catch up on other things I blog about here.

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