BCS Championship & Rounding Up Some Items for My Blog

Tonight I am watching the BCS Championship but with less intensity than if LSU were in it. I have lived with a number of Oregon fans here in Louisiana for some time scattered among our LSU and UL-L (and a little Tulane fan culture) milieu. As an LSU almunus and fan I have of my heart pulling for our conference mate Auburn and some of it pulling for the Oregon team many around me have waited so long to see in this position. But the bottom line is that I am able to finish this blog post I started earlier in the day during commercials.  In the first half the game has been tied at zero with a turnover on each side and then:

1. Auburn 0 Oregon 3

2.Auburn 7 Oregon 3

3.Auburn7 Oregon 11

4.Auburn 9 Oregon 11

5.Auburn 16 Oregon 11

However, this blog is not mostly about the game. I am more focused on another  I have stopped doing regular round-up posts which used to be a regular feature of this blog on Thursdays. The round-up post that I do when I do one on this post is usually an entirely mixed bag. I sometimes refer to these posts as jambalayas, potpourri or namesakes of some other desirable mixture.

1. The shooting of Congresswoman Gifford and others at the Congress on Your Corner was seen as the desired opportunity by many to undermine the rights of people to discuss the creeping tyranny and the death of freedom and hope in our country. We may never know all the relevant facts in any incident like this and the tragedy of this shooting is very real nut people were anticipating connections that it is hard to justify making at all. Sometimes such connections need to be made but this was a frightful leaping ro conclusions in this sickened land.

2. My father and our family and a good number of Family Missions Company missionaries and members had a pleasant celebration of my father’s birthday yesterday.

 3. There has been a well supported plebiscite in these days Southern region of Sudan which is mostly Christian and oil-rich, darker and more negro as a whole and more in touch with traditional Sub-Saharan Africa. These people have voted overwhelmingly to secede from the Islamic and Islamist regime in Khartoum and the North. As I am hopeful for these Christians I do worry more for the parts of Darfur in the West that may be left behind with the Muslim north and be at an even greater disadvantage. 

4. I was busy with sports events to watch for compelling reasons Thursday, Friday, Saturday and today Monday. That has been something of a comfort in a week with unpleasant distractions as well.

5. There is talk that LSU coach Les Miles may go to his Michigan alma mater to take the head coahing job.

6. I bought some handcrafts this Sunday to support Christian families who make these things in the Holy Land. Please pray for these Christians.

7. I am really struggling with weariness today but have had a restful day.

8. I was mentioned in a post in Lord Norton’s blog The Norton View in a post called “A Banner for Lords”

9.I am running behind on finishing my next post in my People to Watch series. I am also losing  the race to keep up with other themes and current events in this blog.

10. I am going to give up on most of the things I could round-up and just get this post out there to say I am thinking about this blog and hope to get back to it soon enough…

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