Congratulations to LSU on Cotton Bowl Victory & Renewed Rivalry

LSU and Texas A&M played in the great 75th Cotton Bowl last night. It was a great game which LSU won handily and which renewed one of the great rivalries in college football as LSU and Texas A&M started playing again after many years on hiatus. When I was a child the games between these two schools were still among the biggest things around this region in terms of fan interest. This was the first primetime game in Cotton Bowl history and was carried on a variety of Fox Betworks I believe but certainly on the broadcast flagship. It was a game in which A&M had a huge opening kickoff return would put up a respectable 24 points. But it was dominated by LSU, and their only playing quarterback on the night Jordan Jefferson and wide receiver Terrance Tolliver, who connected for three touchdown passes. This amounts to most of the equal of A&M’s output and would lead the Tigers to a 41-24 win over the Aggies while 83,514 fans watched in the 75th AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

With Cotton Bowl win LSU (11-2) captured its fourth 11-win season in the past six years. It also won its third AT&T Cotton Bowl in the last four tries. For me this is an extraordinary few days. Thursday night I made it live to the fist University of Louisiana basketball game I have been to since I was a student and they beat Sunbelt conference rivals Troy. I then watched LSU win the Cotton Bowl yesterday. Today I hope and am determined to watch the New Orleans Saints play Seattle in the NFL Playoffs. Quite a three day line up.

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