The Feast of the Epiphany, end of Christmas and start of Carnival Season

This is a very vug day for me in the year. Though in the USA we celebrated Epiphany and the visit of the Magi to the Christ Child and Holy Family on Sunday. This feast is many things we remeber Jesus and the Holy Family going into Egypt where advanced stuies in Judaism, Greek Science and Paganism, Buddhism and other parts of the worlds ferment have influence on the child and family. We see Christmas end and the official church go to ordinary time while many Catholics got carnival’s slow start. Twelfth Night tonight was a huge feat in colonial Louisiana but not much today. Conservative families who are well organized will plan to box up and prep or have a party that includes some boxing up. In addition they will also have the first of the King Cakes honoring the three kings. Whoever grts the slice with the image of a baby representing Baby Jesus must throw the next party or in more modest groups bring the next cake to the routine gathering.

Today I will concern myself with some ordinary work but also go to a basketball game and keep Epiphany in my heart. Maybe I will keep it a bit in the open as well — we shall see. Carnival season runs to Mardi Gras which means Fat Tuesday and is the day before the austerities of Ash Wednesday and Lent take hold.

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