My next post in the People to Watch & Other Matters

Well, I am committed to doing neither more nor less than one hundred people in my series on “People to Watch in the Second Post 9/11 Decade”. The next installment will have nine people in the post. I have them all but these post always take longer than I hope that they will. Nonetheless, it will be coming out soon enough.

Relevant to this is the high incidence of injuries and the controversy that goes with it in the production of Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark which is the project being done by list member Julie Taymor. Also relevant is the launch of OWN the Oprah Winfrey Network this past New Year’s Day. I have been watching a bit and think it will be another success by list member Oprah Winfrey. Goldman SAchs has reached a huge deal with Facebook which should strengthen the financial secuity and flexibility of  list member Mark Zuckerberg. All of the members are doing relevant things on an almost daily basis but these seemed more relevant than most. Lastly, list member Philip Lord Norton Baron of Louth has reported the most popular (or visited posts) in his blog The Norton View this year. One of the top five posts is one that mentions list member me in the first sentence. That is his post “Coat of Arms” .  So keep patient the list will go on and be finished soon enough unless something stops me finishing it.

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