I will attend “God is With Us” in New Orleans

My mother Genie Gremillion Summers wrote a Christmas play which has been peformed quite a few times before some sizable audiences in several countries as well as in more hurried and small scale fashion. My sister Sarah Summers Granger (formerly Sarah Summers Spiehler) has adapted and directed the play to be performed by a homeschool troupe. She has a long history with drama including directing a homeschool troupe in the performance of “Shakespeare to Go” last year. Her children my nieces and nephew Alyse Elizabeth Spiehler, ANika Spiehler and Soren Spiehler have all acted before and will all be in the cast of this production. My father, brother Simon and I will be joining others from here near Abbeville to travel to New Orleans to see this play God is With Us. I am looking forward to this and it is certainly a very apt and real part of my Christma.

3 responses to “I will attend “God is With Us” in New Orleans

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