I seem to be back to commenting on the Norton View

I seem to be back to commenting on the Norton View with some frequency. I had stopped. There was never any unpleasntness to speak of on this site and I had not mentioned any on the other. My silence now breaks however, My regular commentary on the LOTB did finish in a rather hostile tone and perhaps thesremaining ties eventually shall as well. I had my first brief returning tenure comment go through on Lords of the Blog and then Have not been able to log on since then after essaying the varied techniques one would check and so assume that I have been in some form or other blacklisted. There really is no real political discussion unless it can result in some form of alienation between the parties. Otherwise there would never need to be any skill in debate or effort at courtesy as anything would do. The period of commenting on LOTB was an unexpected part of my life. For now it continues in a half-life as I am sometimes commenting on LOTB’s descendant the Norton View and because the Hansard Society is still my Facebook friend. There is no assurance as to how long these facts will endure and I am only reporting them as current facts. I salute the HoL for hosting a voice such as mine as long as it did. The bad blood between us is closer to a vast river than a trickle and it is a real tribute to them to have heard and replied to me for as long as they did in their own format.

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