A Passing and Life With Limits

Today I went to Bobbie Lane Leblanc Tinker’s wake as it ended. Her father General Bob Leblanc who is now a widower and bereaved of his daughter was there. I had seen him on Louisiana Public Television the previous night while I was writing the announcement of the  funeral last night. The General was speaking of his experiences as a young World War II soldier in the documentary Mon Cher Camarade. It is not common to  see him on television in that kind of conversational capacity. It struck me as quite a coincidence.

Her husband Joe Tinker was there with stitches, an arm in a sling and massive bruising.  A very good number of people  were gathered to mark her passing. I did not attend the funeral mass nor stand very long but I heard those who were there honor her husband for his devotion to her during her long and trying battle with crippling arthritis. They both kept love and companionship alive and were joined in this trauma.

I spoke to and met her many times at a health club and gym run by a physical therapist to which we both belonged, at a restaurant we both liked, at church and in other places.  She and I were never particularly close but she was a person who stayed in one’s mind and many will remember her with affection and goodwill.

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