Gala Event at the Lafitte Cinema was Hugely Successful

Abbeville is a small town. It is not as small as the hometowns of Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood, Saint Benedict or many others who come from very small towns and remind us that Abbeville is a city and not a village in official classification.  Abbeville is more in the size class of Neil Armstrong’s Ohio hometown but it is substantially bigger. Wapakoneta, Ohio has a museum honoring the First Man to walk on the Moon and his great adventures. Abbeville last night had a crowded and busy reception and Gala showing of the 1988 film The Blob with Shawnee Smith and Kevin Dillon. I had worked on the film as did many of my friends and there are lots and lots of frames of great Abbeville locations that looked beautiful on the big screen.

We had a good evening and it would have been difficult to fit twenty more bodies into the reception-friendly areas of the Lafitte Cinema prior to the showings themselves. Of course, musicians and caterers took up some of the room.  Really a good time was surely had by most and possibly by all.

Note: Chris Rosa wrote a piece on this event and I am the one he quotes as Frank Summers Jr. This appears in the Abbeville Meridional Friday, November 19,2010 issue and starts on the front page.

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