The Blob: A Gala Fundraiser at the Lafitte Cinema

My mother and I will be going to a gala fundraiser showing of the Blob tonight in Abbeville. I recently went with my sister and her children to the Cafe du Monde for cafe au lait and beignets, walked around Jackson Square, went to the Aquarium of the Americas and to the New Orleans City Park as well as a ferry trip to Gretna and back across the Father of Rivers from the French Quarter. That day was a new experience that was full of reminders of old experiences. I treasured the time Sarah, Alyse, Anika, Soren and I spent doing those things.

Tonight will be an experience closer to home and celebrating things that are closer to home. The funds raised will be to the benefit of a scoirty preserving the Frank’s Theater which is where a key scene in The Blob was made. This historic cinema also premiered the Flaherty classic Louisiana Story which among other credits has a Pulitzer Prize  winning score and soundtrack. The Blob was made in Abbeville ( in large part) in 1988 and I worked on the production as a gun-toting white-suited extra. Watching it now almost 23 years later in this context will be fun I hope.
Despite my often dismal point of view there is a pattern of recycling and enhancing patterns of past joys which has stood me in good stead in life.

I don’t know if there are tickets still available but anyone wishing to get tickets for tonight November 17, 2010 at 7:30 may be able to get them online by going to the Lafitte website, clicking on Showtimes, clicking onthe Buy Tickets button next to The  Blob and then following directions:

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