“Sarah Palin’s Alaska” Premieres on TLC

This is a special Sunday in a number of ways for me. It is a bye week for the New Orleans Saints and so I used this as an excuse to take a vacation from my vacation in a sense. I seldom let a Sunday pass without watching professional American football as played in the National Football league during their season. But today I chose not even to watch the other games but to deal with other varied interests and concerns.  One of the many parts of the media universe which I chose to prioritize was the pilot of Sarah Palin’s Alaska on TLC. In fact I am typing this post during commercial breaks and such. The Palin family takes a  floatplane from their front porch into bear country to do some salmon fishing. They talk about the reporter and author  writing a book about her who lives next door to the Palin family home.  The people involved in making the show put on a display of  some  great Alaska scenery and deal with the issues of celebrity and family. These include all the issues of family and of celebrity and not just the places where the two intersect.

She talks about Todd and he talks with her about many things. All the children and extended family seem to be part of the concept of the show.  They also dealt with her work with Fox News. However,  the involvement she has in national politics itself does not seem to be very much a focus of the show. This is perhaps more of an antidote to perceptions created in the political arena.

I think it looks like a pretty good show. I hope it succeeds. Another thing I did today is that after going to mass this morning I went to one of the libraries  I belong to, where someone had a request for a book I had out on the Supreme Court,  and I checked out a book on Sarah Palin — her own Going Rogue: An American Life.

I wish the Palins well. I think that they still have a big role to play in the country’s near future.  

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