The Ongoing American Struggle

America is in a state of real struggle and perhaps beyond any simple power of solution. Yet there must be an attempt to solve the crises we face nonetheless. As the crisis moves toward a climax we face the need to resolve some issues quickly while at the same time we face the destruction of what social fabric we have unless we can  make a strong advance in areas where we are currently completely surrendered or nearly so anyway.

1. We must secure our borders and ports and formal functions of leadership from being overrun by essentially foreign interests.

2. We must change the debate from the irreconcilable and stupid big government-less government to debates on more complicated issues of policy.

3. The atomic bomb and the exploration of the moon are the two greatest American technical achievements and we must redeem and establish them as part of ongoing policy.

4. We must seek the right kinds of major constitutional reform and redaction so that we are not governed in madness.

5.We must tax, regulate and control the trade in currently illegal drugs with Federal parameters licensed in States and other jurisdictions.

6. We must save the Gulf Coast and the south Louisiana wetlands.

7. We must establish   a better and richer foreign service community.

8. We must  create sound family policies.

9. We must cut our debt.

10. We must create a large infrastructure and manufacturing sector.

We are on the brink of societal collapse. The chance to act in our own self-interest is slipping away. There will be few more chances to save our country after this season has passed.

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