Change You Can Be Leaving? Midterm Elections First Comment…

Obama ran on the slogan of “Change you can believe in!”  May that is now change you can be leaving behind. At least that may be how many people are trying to see many of the thrusts of the Obama program.  Well, let us not read too much into the change of party control in the House of Represetnatives. Barack Hussein Obama can certainly come back in 2012  when his own name is on the ballot and when many people will vote for the black man without reference to any other issue. History shows that vey often once blacks have gotten someon of the right skin tone into an office they will do all that is necessary to keep him there and then see him succeeded by another black man (or sometimes woman)  that will often not have naything to do with other support for that executive’s legislative slate, policy or popularity in general.  For Obama this election may havevery little significance as a harbinger for next chance to finish destroying the country with hare, racism and hypocrisy which are ther heart and soul of his life and our country in so many of it worst hours whether black or white inquity is involved.

The other issues of getting citizen politicians involved, of challenging statism and of resolving the problems of the economy or also interesting. I think there are some good ideals in this ever-changing political world.  However, it is possible and even likely that like the readership of this blog the USA is in systematic and permanent decline.

In Louisiana  I am able to say that  US Senator Vitter won reelecetion by a large margin. I voted for Vitter last time but this time I voted against him because of the fact that he first sought to further shelter BP from Louisiana’s wrath and because I thought Melancon was interesting. I thought both Dardenne and Fayard had some good qualties but I voted for Dardenne who won out as Lieutenant Governor. I also saw that most of the Constitutional Ammendment in my State went the way I voted. For me it is almost always a matter of mixed results.

However, as I wrap up my evening of poll-watching I am more relieved than not that things are not going too easily for the Radical Moslem Infiltrator Look-Alike seeking to drive our country straight to hell. I still think that he will do that to a large degree but people are worried about him at least.

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