Tomorrow’s Midterm Election

President Barack Hussein Obama who used to be Barry Soetero but may have also been Bary Hussein Obama first, is out campaigning for the Democrats in key races with the statement that “If everyone who voted in the last race votes in this race we will win this election!” I was watching Fuse TV today and an organization called Head Count was running a “Vote Again” campaign aimed at young people and also at African American young people. The polls seem to indicate that the GOP will have a majority of the House and have gained significant ground in the Senate by the end of this election. in a period of paranoia the polls may be less reliable than at other times. African Americans and Black people have an impressive record for holding on to power when they have gained it. If one did not know better then one would think the factions on the right would be likely to produce some wins and perhaps many for the Obamaniacs. Obama did pass the stimulus, he did pass healthcare. he did preside over the admin with the Fort Hood shooting and lots of near misses including recent mail bombs that did not blow up. The election is marked by attacks on a Church in Iraq at the very near point. We will have struggles if any possible result occurs. However, Let us not count on any result until the votes are all counted. I am not counting on any results. I know that I will have a very bad futre and present regardless by my own standards of measure but I do think the Obama coallition may have something up its sleeve and that they are likely to have a few surprises. I myself have voted for both major parties and on nonpartisan issues this term. Life is complicated. I think our President is a bad guy who is a force of bad things but not a fool or a coward. I am not sure he is checking out of the bully pulpit just yet.

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