The 2010 Nobel Prize Season: Just a Quick Note

This year Liu XiaoBo has won the Nobel peace Prize  for his work for human rights in China. He was the leader of the movement for democracy which culminated in the Tiananmen or “heaven’s gate” Square demonstrations and the crackdown which followed, The Iconic image of a single young man, probably a student standing before a tank was our record of these events for many people. They also created a statue of liberty.

The discovery and development of graphene by Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov is one of the best choices for the nobel prize in physics in my lifetime. Although it does seem lie a chemistry prize doesn’t it? Graphene is tow dimensional material only an atom thought that could remake the space industries if given a chance.  It actually contributes to civilization’s advance I think.

The nobel Prize for literature is awarded to  Mario Vargas Llosa. He seems pretty accessible to me and I have not read him so I will try to read him soon.

I hope that Liu Xiaobo’s wife is right that somehow this award can lead to a kind of cooperation and reassessment of Liu Xiaobo by the Communist Party of China and society in China. His weakness as an activist is that he really only asked firmly for change. I share the CPC’s distrust for the Nobel committee and their intentions. However, even an enemy can speak part of the truth. Now that they have charted a different course let me add my small voice and suggest this, let Liu Xiaobo take his prize money and if he will agree let him put some into securities for his family and rent a modest house in Macao or Hong Kong. Let the rest go into a fund matched by the party and set Liu Xiaobo on the board with progressive members selected by Premiere Hu. Let this board and fund provide opportunities for students at China’s colleges to serve rotating elected posts from Student unions in both provincial councils and the Party Plenum as well as the Congress of People’s Deputies. He has been disciplined and is not a threat to China even in his intention. Join with him and these Norse outsiders, take the path to democracy within your party structure a few steps farther and institutionalize it. Balance the ying and the yang, keep on the long march to full international respect.  Your regime has named me a foreign expert and so I add my little voice as a foreigner. Make this an opportunity and show that as well as firmness you can find creative and compassionate ways to exercise leadership. 

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