Creative Writing and Civilization

I went to see Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps tonight with my parents it was my second time to see it. I also recently went to see the movie The Social Network. Each are films that join the ranks of Eat, Pray, Love this year and countless films from Ghandi to Platoon and Pay it Forward to Syriana in that they were trying to do more than entertain. All these films try to express human truth and plumb moral questions. I think that this is an apropriate thing for a movie to do.

I also have read some books recently from a group of biographical essays called Louisiana Women to Dostoyevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov and been aware of how much moral struggle was involved in creating these books. I am also writing a novel online and I am aware that in addition to plot and character problems and choices I am preoccupied with moral questions and answers.

Last night I watched Macbeth on Louisiana Public Television and was thinking of how Shakespeare plumbs moral questions in that dark tale. I think that morality is something we all must seek to understand and develope ourselves. But in this month of elections and votes I hope that we still as a people morally alive enough to make these decisions well. I think that literature still plays a role in developing that moral sensibility whether in novels, biographies or screenplays.

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