Running Off to the November Elections

Well we have a party-led primary to give us a Libertarian candidate as well as Congressman Charlie Melancon as our Democratic US Senate candidate and Davis Vitter as our incumbent Republican US Senate candidate. We have passed two constitutional ammendments which have made changes to the Louisiana constitution. We have had our open primary in which Sammy Kershaw who shares with me roots in Vermilion Parish was squeezed out as close third in a race which had almost half a dozen candidates finishing well below him. That leaves the runoff election to Republican “Jay” Dardenne our current Secretary of State and Caroline Fayard a Democrat and Louisiana lawyer endorsed by Bill Clinton personally.

In addition to all of this we have lots of races which do not involve the entire state. We now look at the races which the rest of the country is anticipating to see who will control each chamber in Congress as well as our other offices up for election this term.

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