Chris Tavile Duplechain leaves us…

Chris Tavile Duplechain  was born on December 6, 1924 and died October 3, 2010. He was  a resident of Lafayette, Louisiana when he died but when I met the family he lived in St. Mary Civil Parish in the small city of Franklin.  Chris Duplechain died as a member of St. Mary Church which is a Catholic parish where I once worked as a youth minister.  Mr. Duplechain attended SLI which is the same school that was the University of Southwestern Louisiana when I was there and is now the University of Louisiana.  He was president of the Newman Club in 1949 at SLI and I participated in many aspects of college ministry in varied places. He was the recipient of a Fulbright Scholarship which I either applied for and never got or thought about applying for seriously but we both had studied oversees.  He  attended one year at the University of Nottingham, England  with the Fulbright and I got the two-year graduate Board of Regents Fellowship and earned my MA at LSU with that fellowship. He graduated as outstanding male student of the year in 1951 and I graduated as the Alumni Association Outstanding Graduate for my Spring Commencement in 1989. We had other things in common as well but these were more than enough to fill our conversations.

While he was more financially successful with this type of endeavors  we both had worked in radio and other broadcasting activities and had both served as lectors in Church. He and I were both very much involved in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. He had a foot amputated and I have had trouble with my feet. He was almost exactly forty years older than I.   

I went to the Delohomme Funeral Home in Lafayette to pay my respects today. They have the details of his arrangements. I visited with his family who are noting and mourning his passing. I have known them all except one daughter. and her children. We were not very close but he was a significant part of my life. We both took a strong interest in Louisiana and he did a great deal for local bilingualism which I advocate. May he rest in peace.

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