Election Day is Saturday October 2, 2010 in Louisiana

For the typical race this will be an open primary and the two top vote-getters will be in runoffs in November when the rest of the country votes by and large. The Senate race had a separate primary already and will have narrowed the field to three by party — possibly there will be no majority. Some are running unopposed and so they will be crowned and anointed in the manner of modern Teutonic monarchs tomorrow and some are two person races already and will produce a majority. The Lieutenant Governor, the appellate courts, the varied local races and the public service commissions advertise more than the school boards. But the school board races are big and important tomorrow. Every school board I know of outside New Orleans is electing its leaders tomorrow.

We also have two constitutional amendments on the ballot. One is to place GOHSEP staff in the unclassified civil service category. Another is related to official scheduling of the legislative year.  None of these issues were huge in my mind. I voted early and with less certainty as to how I should vote than usual.  However, I was enthusiastic enough to recommend voting to many people I met at the football game my nephews played in this morning. I posted the first half of this blog post last night and the longer post today feeling just about ready to call this the limit of my electoral involvement.  My precinct only had four items on the ballot after all.

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